A Few Of My Favourite Things Tag ✨

Hey Guys! I’ve decided to create a blogging tag, called a few of my favourite things!


How it works:

– The person who originally created it asks questions which they answer.

-Then they tag other bloggers, who do the same thing!

Pretty simple right?


Favourite book?

Hmmm, I’ve read a lot of great books, but it’s probably got to be Hush,Hush By Becca Fitzpatrick!

Favourite song?

As long as he needs me, sung by Nancy from Oliver! and Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys!

Favourite Number?

3. I don’t really know why, I just like the number and I had this really cute t-shirt when I was three, which I remember. Sorry that’s weird, just me?!

Favourite Place you’ve been?

Australia. Hands down! It was amazing!

Favourite Thing to do!

100% Performing musical theatre shows on stage!

Favourite colour?


Favourite word to say? (I know a very random word)

Probably hubbub or bubble.

Favourite memory or memories?

1. My friend and I making these very strange videos when we were little about how to rock wearing slippers! 😂 (don’t judge we were very little)

2. When my mum, dad, sister and I played gambling card games,but instead of with money, with chocolate 😂😂


My Tags!

Kiwi 🥝. Isabel. Priyasha

Indigo. Alysha. Autumn

Amber. Bayance Nirant

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys will take part in this tag!

*none of my graphics could be possible without pic collage

**none of my images could be possible without google, unless I took them myself

28 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favourite Things Tag ✨

  1. Thank you, I’m looking to maybe pursue it as a job, it’s something I’m really passionate about 💕 Thanks, that’s definitely saying something (just kiddin’…😂)

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  2. Yass gurl! You created your own award, and you owned it! ✨✨ I love the graphics by the way, they are AMAZING! 💛 That flower reef is on fleek gurl. Thank you so much for tagging me! 💛✨🌷 I’ll look forward to doing this award, great answers! Hush hush is on a ‘want-to-read’ list for me, good to know it’s worth it 😊🌟💕
    Great post Hannah ⭐️🌸
    Amber xx

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